For Doctors

The staff at Functional Therapeutics has worked directly with Physicians and Physician’s Assistants for over twenty years. Our experience and understanding of the medical profession allows us to support the independence, mobility, and wellbeing of your patients. 

Patients of any age are eligible for Functional Therapeutics Occupational Therapy services if they:

  • Have a functional decline, even a subtle one
  • Have limited mobility and pain that increases the risk of further injury
  • Cannot safely care of themselves
  • Are recovering from an accident or surgery
  • Are having difficulty performing everyday tasks at home, work, or at play

Functional Therapeutics Occupational Therapy services can help your patients if they:

  • Have a wobbly, unsteady gait
  • Are challenged by daily activities (getting in and out of the tub, carrying in groceries, preparing a meal, etc.).
  • Are losing weight
  • Have a history of falling
  • Show signs of increased bruising
  • Are in need of outside support to be able to remain in their home 

Research shows that four out of five elders want to age-out and remain living in their own homes. Functional Therapeutics Occupational Therapy services can:

  • Assess your patient’s homes for safety
  • Identify modifications for increased mobility and function
  • Identify the need for neighborhood and/or home-based services and support
  • Recommend adaptive equipment
  • Provide adaptive equipment training
  • Reassure family members their loved ones are safe


Functional Therapeutics conducts in-home evaluations to assess a patient’s skills, abilities, and safety and makes recommendations that meet individual needs. To make an appointment for one of your patients to receive Functional Therapeutics Occupational Therapy services or for a consultation, please contact us.