At Functional Therapeutics, our assessments are comprehensive, initially, and includes a client’s medical, social and activity/occupational history. In short, “What have you recently been able to do and what would you like to be doing?” Assessment tools are individualized and based on client needs and interests. The following are tools that can be used, as the situation requires:

  • ASES (American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon Score)
  • BERG Balance Test
  • Blessed Dementia Scale (ADL’s)
  • BCAT (Brief Cognitive Assessment Tool)
  • BCIS (Brief Cognitive Impairment Scale)
  • DASH (Disabilities of Arm, Shoulder and Hand)
  • Dynamometer/Gross Grasp Strength Tool
  • Functional Reach Test
  • GDS (Global Deterioration Scale)
  • GUG(Get up and Go Test)
  • MOCA (Montreal Cognitive Assessment)
  • MMT (Manual Muscle Testing)
  • NPRS (Numeric Pain Rating Scale)
  • Quick Stretch Reflex Testing for Spasticity
  • ROM (Range of Motion, Active, Assistive, and Passive )