FUNCTIONAL THERAPEUTICS offers a range of treatment modalities that allow patients of all ages and conditions to thrive, recover, and improve the small and large skills that are needed for everyday living and working.

Deeply committed to the concept that the hard work of rehabilitation should also be approached with enthusiasm and joy, we weave gentle, ease-filled and sometimes even playful practices into our plans of care. Integrating the best of traditional occupational therapies and professional practices with alternative approaches, Functional Therapeutics helps our clients enhance their physical capabilities while findings ways to work and move without effort or struggle

Founded by Occupational Therapist, Lynda Letourneau, Functional Therapeutics supports an environment of trust and empowerment. Our approach helps the body heal while encouraging self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. Bringing a framework of positive outlooks to the therapeutic process, Functional Therapeutics services include Occupational Therapy Evaluations, Home Evaluations for safety and function, Consulting, BiofeedbackTherapeutic Yoga, and InterPlay.

Working in groups and one-on-one, our practices jumpstart wellness, expand physical possibilities and range of motion, and support healing and wellbeing.

Functional Therapeutics is a direct access provider of therapy services for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC), United Health Care, Optima, and Medicare. We bill yourr insurance company directly and other than for Medicare (which has its own rules) you DO NOT have to have a physician’s prescription to receive our OT services. In addition, we will bill any supplemental insurance that you carry as well.